METEX is SMOORE’s solid atomization technology brand.Using advanced heating technologies,
METEX provides industry-leading HTP atomization solutions tailored to a
diverse range of consumables, offering an unparalleled experience for customer and end-users.

Tailored Solid Aerosolization Solutions

METEX develops a variety of HTP solutions which reflect the essentials and characteristics of different solid aerosolization mediums.

Technology Solution

Resistance Heating Technology Solution
 Induction Heating

Powered by advanced resistance heating technology, our platform significantly reduces the energy consuption required. The heating unit also tailors output to reflect the requirements of the medium. This means that it is optimally heated for the best vaping experience, and the medium is accurately heated with the electronic temperature control technology to obtain the best puffing experience. 

  • Flexible solutions for different mediums

  • Replaceable heater design

  • Precision TCR control,±1℃

  • Easy-to-clean coating

Deploying advanced induction heating technology, METEX can offer high precision temperature control. Integrated with revolutionary induction software, the heating process is noise-free, and highly efficient. Our algorithm accurately assesses the heat requirements of various mediums, and responds accordingly. It delivers an extraordinary taste, and a truly optimised vaping experience.

  • Separating heat and electricity improves flexibility

  • Optimised aerosol and nicotine transmission

  • Precision temperature control

  • Optimum heat insulation for comfortable grip