Global Top Award Lights up Infinite Imaginations

Nowadays, Chinese electronic atomization enterprises are frequently emerging on the global top industrial design stage. 

Recently, RELX, the Chinese consume electronic atomization brand, has gained the global top industrial design award -- REDDOT.

In February, FEELM, the Chinese electronic atomization tech brand, had won the iF Design Award, which was known as the “Oscar” in industrial design. 

Both of the awards are the internationally recognized global top industrial design prizes with the evaluation criteria covering the aspects of design philosophy, appearance, quality, production efficiency and manufacture cost, thus making the awarded enterprises well-known for the world-class innovation power. 

RELX is the biggest consume electronic atomization brand in China, while FEELM is the world leading electronic atomization tech brand. Both of their breakthroughs in the global top industrial design area have attracted much attention, and stand for that the Chinese electronic atomization enterprises are steping into a new stage of brand globlization. They are becoming the new benchmarks of China creation and global quality by their innovation power.  

Product Innovation Brings Infinite Imaginations 

Besides the top-ranking product design, the innovation of structure and technology is the core reason for the product to achieve the award.

RELX had led the product design, while FEELM had featured the structure design and in charge of the quality control and manufacture. The cooperation of both giants is deeply affecting the industrial pattern of global electronic atomization.  

In the future, with the global supervision becoming stricter, as well as the carry out of PMTA in the U.S., there will be higher industrial standards, which make the global electronic atomization brands more concentrated.

However, what behind the competition of the international giants are the technology and quality. By this level, the “League of Legends” by RELX and FEELM will light up infinite imaginations.


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