SMOORE Academic Workshop opens New Chapter of Postdoctor Joint Traning

SMOORE Academic Workshop was successfully hold on November 14th, 2020. Professor Wang Qi (Zhejiang University), Professor Yang Kun and Professor Hu Run (Huazhong University of Science and Technology) had visit SMOORE, Shenzhen and given speeches on scientific research share in the certain areas. The core cadres of Shenzhen basic research center participated in the workshop and enjoyed the Q&A session.


Shrek: Professional Views Count

Giving up the weekend for the workshop, Shrek was exciting while talking about the gain that he achieved from the speeches.

“I happened to meet a choke point in my project and the speech of Professor Hu had show me a new direction.” 

However, Shrek also admitted that his problem was not completely solved since there would be a long way to go from the laboratory to the product.

“At least I’ve learnt much and got new ideas. The professional views count.” Shrek said, “I hope there would be more chances to hold such workshop and I will surely be there.”


Ivan: The Workshop opens the Door for University-enterprise Cooperation

As one of the SMOORE principles for the workshop, Ivan was confident to the influence of the workshop, as well as the future carry-out.

“We faced kinds of problems all the time during the daily work and sometime it was hard to solve because there is no one professional in the related area.” Ivan explained, “Professors from Universities are not only the academic experts, but also good teachers of mixing the theory and practice. Their supervising gives us more possibilities of the breaking out for some key technologies.”

Meanwhile, SMOORE was officially athorized as the Shenzhen Postdoctor Innovative Practice Base in February. Ivan pointed out that the university-enterprise cooperation would be a necessary session for SMOORE to incubate the postdoctors.

“The workshop is undoubtedly a running start for the future cooperations.”


SMOORE Academic Workshop will continue in the future. SMOORE, believing in science and technology, will definitely find more possibilities in the university-enterprise cooperation and postdoctor joint traning.


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