SMOORE.Always on the Compliance Way

On the late night of April 25th Beijing time, the first round table forum of the Global Tobacco & Nicotine Forum (GTNF) held in London, UK had just ended. SMOORE TECH was invited to attend the GTNF and join global health advocates, leading scientists, government officials, and industry experts in exploring industry health, compliance, and development issues.

At the GTNF live discussion, Echo, the head of the SMOORE Europe office, and Andrew Lewer, a UK MP and deputy chairman of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Vaping, had a deep conversation about compliance and environmental issues regarding disposable electronic vaping products.

Professionals from various industries expressed concerns about the increasing supply of non-compliant vaping products, and in the future, they will work with regulatory agencies and industry stakeholders to address the main challenges facing the industry. As a global leader in vaping technology solutions, SMOORE TECH has always complied with regulations in markets around the world and continuously provides support to global customers through technological innovation, helping them to succeed.


Echo, the head of the SMOORE Europe office, took a photo with British MP ANDREW LEWER (left) and industry expert DELON HUMAN (middle).

Echo revealed SMOORE's contribution to environmental protection and explained their future vision, "Protecting the environment is SMOORE's corporate responsibility. In the future, we hope to encourage consumers to actively participate in recycling and environmental protection with innovative environmentally-friendly disposable electronic atomization technology solutions, and help our global customers achieve sustainable development."


Echo, the head of the SMOORE Europe office took the stage to give a speech.

Elise, the GTNF chairman, was present at the event and praised the technological innovation of the electronic vapor industry, which has taken the consumer experience to the next level.

GTNF Chair Elise takes the stage to speak.

BAT Global Insights Manager Flora points out that by focusing on consumer behavior to provide better products, while also expressing anticipation for the November 2023 World Health Organization meeting on the industry framework convention.

Flora, the head of BAT Global Insights, took the stage to give a speech.

Echo also revealed that this year, in response to the global call for compliance solutions and improved experiences in the disposable market, SMOORE will upgrade its heating technology, electronic control technology, and exterior design to launch the optimal disposable technology solution under compliance conditions. It will be released in Birmingham, UK on May 13, bringing a more ultimate disposable experience to global users.


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